The most easy and fast way to install Symfony is this:

Open a SSH Terminal to the machine where you want to make this installation (You may want to check these recipes if you need to get up and running a Virtual Machine with a LEMP Stack and Composer).

Go to the directory where you want a fresh new Symfony project and just type

composer create-project symfony/skeleton:"^5.4" cool_project

 instead of 5.4 you may use newer versions, currently 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3

if you decide to install most recent 6.* versions, you better have PHP 8.* up and running, as many Symfony 6.* components are no fully compatible with older versions of PHP

Notice: Keep in mind that you need that the folder where you are installing the Symfony project to be writable.


 once done you should be seeing something like this:

 thats it! You already have a fresh new installation of Symfony.

Before going any further, just make sure cool_project directory can be accessed by the web server and cache and logs folders are writable by the web server.

Make your nginx_virtual_host.conf file to point to:


 If not sure how to set folder permissions or make the web server .conf file check the recipes posted here.

 Point your browser to:


and you will see: