• cURL and how to use it from PHP

    The cURL (Client URL) library is a powerful tool that allows you to send and receive HTTP requests from within your PHP code. It supports various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP,

  • How to call a Controller from a Service in Symfony 5+?

    Sometimes you need to call a Controller from a Service class in Symfony Framework. To do that, you can call a controller from a service by injecting the Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\KernelInterface interface into your service, and then using it

  • How to filter requests based on Geo Location in Nginx

    To send requests based on geolocation to different pages in Nginx, you can use the Nginx GeoIP module along with conditional statements in your Nginx configuration. Follow this

  • How to setup Nginx with HTTP2

    So far Google is encouraging all web sites to be served over HTTPS, and if you also use HTTP2 protocol, you will increase your site's security and at the same time fast page loading which will translate in better page ranking. If you are using

  • Key differences between HTTP and HTTP2

    HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and HTTP/2 are both protocols used for transferring data over the internet. However, there are several key differences between the two versions.


    Key differences.