• How to install Elasticsearch in ubuntu 22

    To install Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 22, you can follow these steps:

    Update System Packages

    Open a terminal and run the following commands to update the system packages to their latest versions

  • How to install MongoDB in Ubuntu 22+

    To install MongoDB on Ubuntu 22, you can follow these steps:


    Update the System

    Open a terminal and run the following command to update the system packages:

    sudo apt
  • How to set up and run dockerized mongodb with docker compose

    To set up and run MongoDB using Docker Compose, follow these steps:


    Install Docker and Docker Compose

    Make sure you have Docker and Docker Compose installed on your system.

    Refer to ...

  • What is MongoDB and how to use it from PHP

    MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database system that is designed to store and manage large volumes of data in a flexible and scalable manner. It is classified as a document-oriented database, meaning that it organizes data in the form of documents,

  • What is the aggregation framework in mongodb and examples in PHP

    The Aggregation Framework in MongoDB is a powerful tool for data processing and analysis and its widely used in many PHP Applications. It allows you to perform complex data transformations and aggregations on collections, enabling you to extract

  • Working with Elasticsearch in PHP

    In today's digital era, the volume of data being generated and processed is growing exponentially. Efficiently searching and analyzing this vast amount of data is crucial for businesses to gain valuable insights. ElasticSearch,