• How to DELETE data in MySQL from PHP

    Examples of using PHP to perform a DELETE operation in MySQL. Before running these examples, make sure you have established a connection to your MySQL database using the appropriate

  • How to INSERT data in MySQL from PHP

    If you are developing an Application in PHP and using MySQL as Database provider, you will need to store data using an INSERT operation. Follow these steps:

    • Connect to the MySQL
  • How to INSERT data in Symfony with Doctrine

    To insert data using Symfony with Doctrine, you need to follow these steps:


    Create an Entity Class

    First, you need to create an entity class that represents the table in your database.

  • How to install Elasticsearch in ubuntu 22

    To install Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 22, you can follow these steps:

    Update System Packages

    Open a terminal and run the following commands to update the system packages to their latest versions

  • How to query JSON data in MySQL

    JSON format is becoming very popular for exchanging data between systems. Latest versions of MySQL supports json data types and here are some samples on how you can implement queries:


    Assuming you

  • How to query MySql table with JSON columns from PHP

    To query a MySQL table with JSON columns from PHP, you can use the PDO (PHP Data Objects) extension, which provides a consistent interface to work with various databases, including

  • How to UPDATE data in MySQL from PHP

    Updating data in a MySQL database using PHP involves using the UPDATE statement. Here are some examples of how to perform updates using PHP:

    Assuming you have a

  • Working with Elasticsearch in PHP

    In today's digital era, the volume of data being generated and processed is growing exponentially. Efficiently searching and analyzing this vast amount of data is crucial for businesses to gain valuable insights. ElasticSearch,