If you are planning to start a Web Site or need a Compute Instance (Virtual Private Server - VPS) for your project, there is a way to start for free, just follow these simple steps to get up and running a very powerful cloud server capable of running a High Performance Application including lot of space for the Database and asset storage.

At the moment of this writing Oracle Cloud is in my opinion the best option.

Oracle is an old Company and is practically the father of Databases.

Recently, they decided to be part of a multi billion Cloud Service Provider Industry dominated mostly for 3 big players: Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

As part of their marketing strategy and to showcase their infrastructure, they are offering a very nice, plenty of resources pool of Always Free Products.


Here is the recipe to get you a very powerful server for running any kind of software applications:

Step 1. Visit Oracle Cloud and sign up for a new Account clicking on Start for free.

Step 2. Once you have you Account set up, sign in and you will see your dashboard.Click on Instances Compute. (If not available in Pinned select Compute->Instances from the top left menu).


 Step 3. Click on the Create instance blue button.


 Step 4. Click on the Create instance blue button.

Step 5. You have the option to create up to 4 instances of this shape: VM.Standard.A1.Flex or 2 with double resources or 1 with up to 4 virtual cores and up to a massive amount of 24 GB RAM!

Notice that you need to select Oracle Linux and Ampere powered instances to be able to get this amount of resources for free.

 Step 6. Now that the instance is created, you need to attach it to a VNIC (Virtual Network interface).



 Step 7. If you created only one instance with 50GB of boot volume, then you have available up to 150GB of block volume storage that you may want to create, attach and mount as a directory in your instance.


Now you have a fully functional COMPLETELY FREE Super Powerful Linux Server to install and run anything you want.


Further reading:

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