// Changing text content
$('#my-paragraph').text('Updated text content.');

// Changing HTML content
$('#my-paragraph').html('<strong>Updated</strong> text content with HTML.');

// Appending content
$('#my-paragraph').append(' Additional text.');

// Prepending content
$('#my-paragraph').prepend('Prepended text. ');


Modifying Element Attributes

You can also change the attributes of elements using jQuery.


<img id="my-image" src="/image.jpg" alt="Old Image">


// Changing src attribute
$('#my-image').attr('src', 'new-image.jpg');

// Changing alt attribute
$('#my-image').attr('alt', 'New Image');


Adding and Removing Classes

jQuery makes it easy to add or remove CSS classes from elements.


<div id="my-div" class="box"></div>


// Adding a class

// Removing a class

// Toggling a class


Handling Events

You can use jQuery to attach event handlers to elements.


<button id="my-button">Click Me</button>


// Click event handler
$('#my-button').click(function() {
  alert('Button clicked!');

// Mouseover event handler
$('#my-button').mouseover(function() {
  $(this).text('Mouse over me!');

// Mouseout event handler
$('#my-button').mouseout(function() {
  $(this).text('Click Me');


These are some basic examples of DOM manipulation with jQuery. jQuery provides many more methods and features that can be utilized for more advanced manipulation.

Find bout more visiting jQuery official website documentation.

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